My Dear Bootham (Telugu)

My Dear Bootham (Telugu)
 IMDB Rating:

8.4/10 from 69 votesIMDb




Comedy Drama Fantasy

 Directed by:

N. Ragavan





 Story Plot: Karnamukhi heads the evil kingdom. One day his son Kinginiya disturbs a sage who will be in deep meditation. Sage who gets frustrated by this act thinks to curse Kinginiya. But Karnamukhi asks the sage to curse him instead. The sage curses Karnamukhi and turns him into a statue. He tells Karnamukhi that even if someone releases him from the curse, that person needs to mouth a certain Sanskrit sloka in 48 days for Karnamukhi to return to his world. Else Karnamukhi will die. On the other side, we get to see a schoolboy Srinivasa Rangan who faces problems with his fellow mates due to his stammering issue. One day the school takes him to an exhibition where he accidentally releases Karnamukhi from the curse.
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